April 14, 2020 - What we miss most

Hi, everyone. Hope you're all healthy, happy and still working hard to reach those goals. We're guessing most of you miss your lessons as much as we miss giving them! We asked a few of our instructors to share what they miss most about the lessons, and here's what they had to say...


  1. Watching you achieve something you didn't think you could and pushing yourselves even when you may not want to!
  2. Chatting with you and your parents... you're not just "lessons", you're friends and I miss connecting with you!
  3. The sound the glove makes when the ball hits it just right!
  4. The energy! There is such positive energy in that building! The energy of like-minded athletes and coaches coming together to improve!
  5. Your smiles!!!!! Just seeing the joy of getting to do what you LOVE on your faces!


  1. Seeing the girls celebrate when they finally get a mechanical thing they've been working on.
  2. Teaching what I love.
  3. Watching the girls be so determined and hard working the whole lesson.
  4. Doing challenges with my girls and almost always having them beat me.
  5. Getting to talk and interact with some of the sweetest and most deserving young girls I've ever met.


  1. Talking with the girls about their days and things happening in their lives.
  2. Seeing the girl's confidence grow each time we practice.
  3. Challenging the girls to give their best effort.
  4. Celebrating all accomplishments whether it be an excellent job on a drill, great location, learning a new pitch, or of course hitting a new high speed!
  5. The supportive LFP environment where everyone is working to be the best they can be!


  1. Talking to my students about their day, softball teams, other interests, etc.
  2. Watching the excitement and competitiveness come out in students when we do competitive drills.
  3. Seeing the improvement in a student over the course of a few lessons.
  4. Talking to the parents and other instructors (what can I say, I like to chat).
  5. Being in LFP on a busy evening - incredible students and instructors filling every cage. It's a really inspiring atmosphere.


  1. Seeing the smile and hearing about each player's success.
  2. Figuring out and teaching a new drill to help the player get the "feel" of a skill.
  3. Challenging a player with a skill and seeing them achieve it. If they don't, seeing them make adjustments to improve and keep trying.
  4. Helping to prepare the player and family for games, tryouts, camps, and college visits.
  5. Working and being a part of the entire Leffew Fastpitch Staff.
“It’s easy to cheat yourself and do just enough to get by, but that’s what everybody can do, just enough to get by. But those who want to be successful and maintain that level of success have got to push a little bit harder and do a little bit more.”
-- Tony “Mr. Padre” Gwynn, MLB Hall of Fame, winner of eight MLB batting titles
“Repetition is the mother of skill.”
-- Anthony Robbins, renowned author and motivational speaker
“Talent is never enough. With few exceptions the best players are the hardest workers.”
-- Magic Johnson, renowned NBA player

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