We’re evolving with the COVID-19 climate so you can continue to improve your game, your fitness, and yourself. 

At Leffew Fastpitch, the health and safety of our instructors, students, and their families is of the utmost importance.  We have made extraordinary efforts to create the cleanest possible environment, allow for proper social distancing, and to ensure our business follows the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio.
  • Arrival, departure, and screening:
    • Face coverings/masks are required for all staff, clients, and their parents at all times while they are in the facility.
    • Please make your first stop the restrooms to wash your hands before entering the training areas.
    • Before entering the facility please check your temperature. If you have a fever (over 99.5 degrees), you will be unable to participate. 
    • If you have any symptoms of sickness or ill-health, please do not enter the facility.
    • We ask that only one person enter the facility in addition to the student, this should be their catcher.
    • Pitchers must bring their own catchers and balls.
  • Capacity restrictions and social distancing:
    • We are currently limiting the number of clients and staff permitted in the facility to [50] at any one time, which is about 25% of our maximum occupancy.  You do not have to worry about this capacity restriction, but it may affect availability of the coaches and times that you prefer, we appreciate your flexibility during this time. 
    • Please practice social distancing in the building and avoid congregating in common areas.
    • Unfortunately there will be no hugs, handshakes, or high fives until further notice.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing:
    • When you are in the building, we ask that you be keenly aware and participate by wiping down the equipment you use with the sanitizing materials that we make available to you.  You will likely notice extra vigilance by our instructors in doing the same.
    • We have also increased the frequency of our professional cleaning procedures, and supplemented that with additional cleaning duties for our staff.
  • Going above and beyond for the safety of our clients, staff, and families:
    • Before we opened the facility:
      • Our friends at MicroShield360 stopped by again! This is a process that includes an anti-microbial coating that kills pathogens that can be left behind and protects surfaces between our cleanings.
      • We added brand new filters to our HVAC system to ensure the cleanest air possible. 
    • Since the time of reopening, we have not stopped making improvements:
      • An HVAC filter system upgrade to HEPA (hospital grade, MERV13) filters.
      • The installation of iWave, bipolar needlepoint ionization devices within our HVAC system.
      • The installation of touchless faucets and flushing devices in our restrooms.
      • The installation of hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

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