Grand Re-Opening Day MAY 26th, 2020

COVID19 precautionary measures, rules, and new procedures

At Leffew Fastpitch, the health and safety of our instructors, students, and their families is of the utmost importance.  We have made extraordinary efforts to create the cleanest possible environment, allow for proper social distancing, and to ensure our business follows the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio.

Here are our COVID19 precautionary measures, rules, and new procedures:
COVID Precautions and Procedures:
  1. All instructors, clients, and guests must wear a mask at all times.  
  2. All clients must bring their own masks.
  3. Please wash your hands thoroughly upon entering the building.
  4. Instructors must wear gloves at all times. 
  5. Clients may wear gloves if they wish.  
  6. Pitching lessons: clients must bring their own softballs (indoor only) or can purchase softballs from us.  (used $3, new $5)
  7. Pitching lessons: Client’s must bring their own catcher.
  8. Hitting lessons:  Clients are not to touch any softballs that have not been sanitized, the instructor will need to pick them up between drills OR the client may assist in picking them up, if they wish, but every softball must be sanitize between lessons.  We will have disinfectant for your use.
  9. Equipment used during a lesson must be sanitized before the next client can enter the cage.  Please wait to enter the cage until the instructor has indicated that it is safe.
  10. We will not have any equipment available to lend if clients forget; gloves, bats, shoes etc.  
  11. Clients can come in the building with only one other person. (For pitching lessons, this is their catcher)
  12. Please practice social distancing throughout the facility and avoid congregating in the common areas. 
  13. If you arrive more than a few minutes before your lesson, please wait in the car.
  14. No hugs, handshakes, or high fives.
  15. We will be adding days for thorough cleaning of the facilities (currently once a week).
  16. We have sanitized and applied MicroShield 360 to all surfaces and equipment.
  17. We have changed the HVAC filters as an added precaution.
  18. Most doors will be propped open in order to limit the amount of surfaces being touched.
  19. Instructors and staff will assist us in keeping things disinfected by wiping down common areas on a regular basis, bathroom faucets and handles for example.  
  20. We have arranged for the bathroom faucets and toilet fixtures to be switched over to touchless – and this work is expected to be completed in mid-June. 

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